RootEd works with parents to tell the stories of their neighborhood schools in order to assist parents who are seeking further information.  One of the ways we suggest is to use the hashtag system we created for our RootEd Districts.  Parents can search on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for a RootEd hashtag, for example, Oak Meadow Elementary is #RootEdOak Meadow (see our hashtag chart ).  
We know parents are busy and are using their computers more than anything to search for schools.  One of the websites parents use is  Although the information is easily accessible on this website, we are very discouraged by their ranking system.  They rank schools based on test scores, progress and diversity of the school.  While this information is nice to see, it does not give you the whole picture of the school or the students at that school. The data will never explain why test scores are lower in an economically disadvantaged school. Did the child have access to a meal prior to taking a test?  Did the student have access to PreK or books as a young child?  
This video from Chalkbeat precisely explains the problems with using only to gather your information:
This article from Chalkbeat is very informative as well:
RootEd recommends to all parents who are looking for schools to go and visit their neighborhood school.  Take a tour, go to a community event, contact the principal and a parent and actually see what's going on in the schools for yourself.  Step in the door so you can visualize your child in that environment and find out for yourself the true story of the school instead of basing your choices on opinions or rumors.  
Our neighborhood schools are unique in their own ways and the best thing about them is that you are part of a community that will carry on with you and your children for the rest of your lives.